We give you and your team a clear direction

Our mindfulness-based approaches will encourage you and your team to deepen the connection with themselves and their team members.

Intro Workshops

We recommend starting with one of our 3 hours workshops. To get a better idea of our personal approach and authentic teaching style.

Want to know more?

We created a starter kit where you can find all the answers to your questions. What is Mindfulness or Compassion, how can it benefit your team, where to start… and much more!

Main benefits

Bring Mindfulness-based approaches to your workplace.

Train focus

Train focus

Through exercising mindfulness you will improves attention, concentration and memory.

Recognise emotions

Recognise emotions

Through Mindfulness practice, we learn to recognise and accept our emotions – pleasant and unpleasant.

Reduce stress

Reduce stress

By dealing with our impulsive reactions, unpleasant thoughts and feelings, we learn to react more calmly to various challenging situations.

Where to start?

We understand that you have uncertainties and questions about how to implement Mindfulness-based approaches in your workplace. This is why we offer a free video consultation with one of our founders André van Kempen.

Workplace integration

It takes practice to master a skill.

Be aware that implementing a mindfulness-approaches in your organisation is not a quick fix. Problems that have developed over weeks, months, or years cannot be fixed overnight.

This is why our programs have most of the time a minimum duration of 3 to 6 months. It takes time, commitment and practice to understand and allow the change. We are also aware that every team or organisation is in another phase and has different needs.

We always start with a little assessment to detect the needs of the different roles in your organisation. After this, we can recommend you the best program fit and integration steps.

We love to empower you and your team mindfully on the path of growth, but we can’t do it for you, the work has to be done by you and your team.

Our process

We love to empower you and your team mindfully on the path of growth, but we can’t do it for you, the work has to be done by you and your team.

Train focus

People assessment

We help teams understand how people work in the organisation. With the help of data and (HR) Analytics, we map the current situation and patterns.

Recognise emotions

Program design

With previous analytics insights, we can effectively translate the needs into the right approaches and tools. Depending on budget and needs we will offer standardised training or custom programs.

Train focus

Training & consulting

Based on the selected training or programs, we will decide if we start working with your whole team or parts. We offer different training solutions from 1 on 1 until groups. Depending on the location we offer in-company, online or blended learning.

Recognise emotions

Strategy & integration

We believe in sustainable solutions, that’s why we focus on the integration and the aftercare of our programs. We offer periodic assessments for your team, so we can guide them in the right direction. Furthermore, we offer teacher training for H.R. to keep the knowledge inhouse.

Longterm programs

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