Help yourself and your employers feel and perform better.

Our approaches will encourage you and your team to deepen the connection with themselves and their team members.

Our Main Passions

We love to teach and share our knowledge with you and your team.

Train focus

Workshops & Training

We’re offering online and offline workshops and multiple weeks trainings. A good way to educate yourself or to give your team a taste of our mindfulness-based approaches.

Recognise emotions

Company culture development

When purpose becomes the drive a culture gets born. It gives teams mission, values, responsibilities and goals. A deeper meaning will be discovered, learn to grow through failure and stay resilient even in chaos.

Reduce stress

Mindfulness-based program design

If you’re a trainer, coach, HR-manager and you like to intergrade mindful-based elements in your program, training, company culture or on-boarding process.

Let’s Go all-in
360 Workplace Integration

Our 360 integration is a Custom Mindfulness-Based Workplace Integration. From assessment, program design to strategy & integration, and even including a complete social e-learning solution 🙂

Main benefits

We bring Mindful-based & compassion-driven approaches to your workplace.

Train focus

Build focus

Through exercising mindfulness you will improves attention, concentration and memory.

Recognise emotions

Accept emotions

Through Mindfulness practice, we learn to recognise and accept our emotions – pleasant and unpleasant.

Reduce stress

Reduce stress

By dealing with our impulsive reactions, unpleasant thoughts and feelings, we learn to react more calmly to various challenging situations.

Research also suggests that mindful-based approaches may also have cognitive benefits. One study found that four sessions of relaxation exercise led to improvements in verbal fluency, mood, visual coding, and working memory. There were also improvements in visual-spatial processing and executive functioning.

* Zeidan F, Johnson SK, Diamond BJ, David Z, Goolkasian P. Mindfulness meditation improves cognition: evidence of brief mental trainingConscious Cogn. 2010;19(2):597-605. doi:10.1016/j.concog.2010.03.014

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Start with one of our 3 hours workshops and experience our personal approach and authentic teaching style.

Do you need help?

Feel free to contact our program designer Vesna, so she can help you picking the right workshop for you and your team. If needed she can even recommend and design a custom workshop or program for you!

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