Jun 15, 2020 Self-criticism

We will talk about

How to calm the inner critic

  • What is Mindfulness and how it can help us recognise and better control negative thoughts and soothe unpleasant feelings
  • What is Mindful self-compassion how it can help us calm our inner critic, self-judgment and perfectionism
  • How we can empower ourselves through the practice of mindful self-compassion and create compassionate inner voice instead of self-judgment
  • We will present a couple of exercises that can help you calm your own self-criticism when it is not functional

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I had my first education on the topic of mindfulness with Vesna and I highly recommend them. It was an awesome experience for me, returning to myself and slow down at this quick pace of our lives. Vesna is an exceptional coach, dedicated, professional and expert in this area.

Sanja Miladinovic

Sanja Miladinovic


Your hosts

André van Kempen

Business consultant

Already my whole life, I’m seeking to solve challenges in a creative way. In 2005 I founded my first company, and in 2009 I founded together with my old companion Wim La Haye Techtwo, now known as Blue Bird Day. Proudly I can say they are two years in a row, awarded the number 1 e-commerce agency in the Emerce top 100 of the Netherlands.

Vesna Laković

Mindfulness teacher and education manager.

Since 2015, she has been conducting mindfulness training, workshops and programs for children, young people and adults in Serbia and in the region well known as an entrepreneur within Mindfulness Center Novi Sad. After bringing mindfulness she is focusing now on bringing TRE and self-compassion to the Balkans.

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Work in small groups, pairs or all together to understand and experience the topic!


Tools & exercises

We will present a couple of exercises you can preform after the workshop.

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You get afterwards access to the workshop recording on our platform.

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