Do you recognize yourself in...

I’m an entrepreneur, leader, manager, decision-makers or I work with people and I want to improve my:

  • Concentration, focus and memory
  • Assessment skills and decision making
  • Ability to solve conflicts
  • Skills in managing emotions and controlling stress
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Job satisfaction

Let’s make you professional life more purpose driven with better focus, meaning and joy.

Start to Lead as a Human
With Mindful Leadership

Mindful leadership is the style of leading people that integrates awareness, clarity, creativity, empathy and self-esteem. Conscious leaders successfully manage others by their ability to master their own management.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a very powerful practice of training our attention. By coaching our attention with the help of Mindfulness, we learn how to be present here and now. By focusing on internal and external experiences without judgment, accepting those experiences without attempting to change, repress or stop them. This practice is powerful because it helps us learn how to stop in our exaggerated thoughts, concerns, thoughts of the past, the future and everything that draws us away from our immediate experience in the present and causes stress and unpleasant feelings within us.

Why Mindfulness
in business environments?

Mindfulness practice has proven successful in reducing stress and anxiety, as well as in a wide range of different benefits for employees. Different companies such as Google, Intel, Apple, General Mills, Deutsche Bank, etc. apply Mindfulness practice in working with their employees.Numerous studies have shown that the application of Mindfulness in business environments leads to the following sustainable benefits:

  • Greater work satisfaction & Improved productivity
  • Increased concentration, memory and learning skills
  • Increased resistance and ability to recover after negative mental states
  • Improved relationship between employer and employees as well as clients
  • Development of creativity & Reduction of stress and anxiety
Influencing your Health

Physical Health

Only when we are aware of our emotions and the reaction to stress can we manage stress and achieve good physical health.

Mental Health

Emotional intelligence affects our attitude and view of our lives, we communicate better about our emotions and do it in a constructive way. A better understanding of the feelings and needs of people around us brings us better and more fulfilling.

What to expect

Learn more about topics like:

  • Managing unpleasant emotions
  • The inner leadership of the leader
  • Active listening
  • The role of mindfulness in the process of giving feedback
  • The beauty of self-compassion
  • Free Information package

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