This is what we love to do...
and we are damn good in it ;)

We love to guide you on your personal journey of self-discovery to find out who you really are and what you really want in life. Start to see life as a quest filled with enjoyable days and learning days which makes it possible for you to shape your own identity.

Our mission is to guide you mindfully, by facilitating mindful change management to discover your limited beliefs and overcome your challenges which are holding you back from shifting into the state of flow and inner fulfillment.


Personal guidance

Together with Vesna, you will create clarity around your needs, values, obstacles, potentials regarding decisions and changes you want or need to make in your life.

1-on-1 coaching

Are you dealing with personal challenges which cause feelings of depression, anxiety, cravings or loneliness? Become empowered and discover a purpose to boost your confidence and growth.

Shift together

Are you facing important life transitions? Do you feel like you need extra guidance, support, and community in this stage of your life? Take action by committing yourself to the process of change in our life-changing 7 weeks Shift program.

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Our focus

We will facilitate a safe and engaging space to support you to become more aware and connected with yourself. The Relationship we create with you is for us really important since we connect it with our core values. We made a conscious choice to live our life authentically, it’s a choice we make every day, and the relationships we build between us need to be aligned with our core values to:

Be authentic Be responsible Be trustworthy Be curious Be compassionate Be creative

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