The Shift is a 7-week online learning program for everyone who is facing important life transitions. If you feel like you need extra guidance, support in this stage of your life and you are ready to take responsibility and fully commit yourself in the process of change, we believe that you can make the most out of this program.

By becoming a part of the Shift you will learn and grow together with like-minded people, be supported by inspiring mentors and teachers and have an opportunity to become aware of the transition stage in which you are and how to stay mindful while going through turbilations in your life, build your resilience, nurture healthy habits and build strong relationships, as well as much more...

Who is the program for?

Whether you went through a breakup, divorce, illness, burnout, career change or
having a lack of meaning and direction in life The Shift will help you:

  • Gaining more insights about the transition stages
  • Building self-awareness how you are and where you are at the moment
  • Practicing awareness and acceptance of difficult emotions
  • Recognizing unhealthy patterns of thinking and learning how to shift them
  • Writing exercises, meditations and reflection groups
  • Facing unpleasant emotions such as shame, guilt and fear
  • Recognizing and defining our core values
  • Recreating our identities and the idea of who we are
  • Defining the activities which we find beneficial for our wellbeing
  • Making a structured plan for living life in harmony
  • Becoming familiar with self-compassion
  • Defining our inner challenges and struggles
  • Ways we can nurture personal relationships in a healthy way
  • Acknowledging and communicating our boundaries
  • Getting familiar non-violent & assertive communication
  • Creating a plan with goals, strategies and skills for your future wellbeing

Fittable in Everyone's agenda.

The whole program is based online, so you don’t need to travel or to take time off from work. You can participate from home or work to make it utterly fittable in your agenda. Frame together with other students the interactive group workshops to make it the most suitable for everyone.

All course materials, including Streaming videos and audio, Worksheets, and additional resources are within our online member portal. You’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with fellow Shift-members and mentors online.

Timing of the Program.

Every four months we enroll a new 7-week Shift transition cycle. If you want to join the Extra Care, we encourage you to register as early as possible because of the limited 20 seats and so we can plan an intake before the Shift starts.

There are seven core topics in The Shift; we will release one topic per week. Each topic contains 4-6 individual video inspiration plus corresponding Working Sheets (growth assignments and handouts). In the middle of every week, you can join the online interactive workshop related to the theme. Depending on the week there will also offer man/woman circle, discussion groups or other exciting surprises to help you integrate and apply what you learn to your life.

The 20 people subscribed to the Extra Care program will also receive during the seven weeks three coaching or counseling sessions. You can easily plan your appointments inside the member portal.

Once the initial 7-weeks are complete and all content is released, you’ll have access to the entire library of training materials inside the member portal and can revisit and review as often as you like.

How Much Time You’ll Need?

We recommend between 4-6 hours per week to watch the course content, complete your growth assignments and — if you’d like — engage with our mentors and the community.

Naturally, the more focus and dedication you put into The Shift, the more you’ll get out of it. But if you’re not able to carve out that much time at first, don’t worry. Many of our students go through the program as best they can, pause and return to it as their schedule allows.

You’ll Get Guidance, Support & Community.

If you’re overwhelmed and feel like you’re in over your head with yourself — we can help. Once you join The Shift, you’ll have guidance and support from like-minded people in a safe and encouraging environment.


Daily Inspiration.


Active Community.


Personal support.


The topics of the Shift.


In which stage are you?

  • Gaining more insights about the transition stages
  • Defining the structure of your typical day and level of emotional satisfaction
  • Building self-awareness around how you are and where you are at the moment
More details...

During the first week, we are getting familiar with the importance and consistency of the term “transitions”. We will work on defining in which stage of transition you are in life and how is that impacting your current state of being, what are the challenges you are facing, how does your day look like, which healthy or unhealthy habits are present… together we will work on your awareness of your present life and its direction.


Accepting and letting go.

  • Practicing awareness and acceptance of difficult emotions
  • Recognizing unhealthy patterns of thinking and learning how to shift them
  • Defining what has been lost and gained during our transition stage
More details...

When we dive into the awareness of our transition stage, often things we encounter don’t make us happy, so acceptance of the current situation is the crucial part of every important life shift. In this week we will focus on the acceptance of our situation: pleasant and unpleasant emotions, unpredictability of future events, worrying and discouraging thoughts, changes in our personality and how we relate to others…by learning how to accept things we are going through we are actually learning how to let go of them in order to prepare ourselves for the next stage of our life. But before we are ready to jump into something new, we have to become aware of where we came from, accept it, and finally move on.


Healthy and suistanable lifestyle.

  • Defining the activities which we find beneficial for our wellbeing
  • Making a structured plan of our daily habits and inspiring routines to keep us motivated
  • Setting up weekly/monthly goals regarding our emotional and mental wellbeing
More details...

In the previous week, we practiced how to accept our current situation, all the emotions, thoughts and challenges which are part of it. Now slowly we are becoming ready to experiment with our new reality, we are starting to see new chances and opportunities for us to grow and successfully move on. In the third week we will work on building fertile ground for us to develop sustainable healthy habits, daily routines, motivating activities and weekly/monthly goals so that we can face new stages of our transition.


Mindful self-compassion.

  • Becoming familiar with the term self-compassion and ways to practice it
  • Defining our inner challenges and struggles and learning how to overcome them through written exercises, meditations and reflection groups
  • Being guided in facing unpleasant emotions which often appear in our transition stages such as: shame, guilt and fear
More details...

In order for us to build a strong foundation in our recovery and personal development, there is one important component we should always keep in mind. That component is the continuous practice of self-compassion. When we slowly start to build healthy habits in our day to day life, often we will struggle, fail and feel ashamed about it, especially in the first stages of transition. What makes this process easier is the practice of self-compassion, building the understanding that as humans we make mistakes and that is the part of our shared humanity. In the fourth week we will focus in supporting each other through the processes we are going through in The Shift program, learn more about the practice of self-compassion through various meditations, written exercises which will connect us with our inner child and practices of self-love. Finally, this allows us to let go of the feelings of shame, guilt and fear.


Constructing our identities.

  • Recognizing and defining our core values
  • Creating strategies for living life in harmony with your values
  • Recreating our identities and the idea of who we are, acknowledging situations, personality traits and roles we have which shaped up our identities through a variety of experiential practices
More details...

When people go through important life changes often it doesn’t interrupt just one area of their life, but it has a domino effect in a way that all of a sudden we are facing the changes on completely different life fronts. This might make us confused and lost and very often questions like: “Who am I? What is important in my life? Which are my values?” will appear. In the fifth week, we will focus on answering these questions together. By defining our core values and the way we want to live our lives according to these values will also give us a good ground to start working on defining our identities and how we see ourselves and our purpose in the world.


Connection with yourself and others.

  • Defining important personal relationships in our lives and ways we can nurture them in a healthy way
  • Acknowledging our boundaries and the way we communicate them to other people-practice of expressing our needs and learning to say no
  • Getting familiar with effective tools of practices such as non-violent communication, assertive communication and putting them into action
More details...

After focusing on how we see ourselves in this world and how our identities are constantly evolving, gradually we are realizing that it goes the same with our relationships. When we are changing as persons, the way we communicate, interact and deal with others is also being transformed, because we are not the same person as we used to be. Transitions brought us a lot of emotions, insights and awareness about ourselves, our values, ways we perceive the world and others. So in our sixth week of the program, we will focus on our relationships and how did our transition process impacted the way we relate to others. We will look more closely at our boundaries, communication styles and which “roles we play” when dealing with other people.


Wrapping up.

  • Evaluating your own progress within the program and changes you’ve made
  • Defining the most valuable insights and practices within the program and how to achieve continuous implementation of the most beneficial activities
  • Creating a plan with defined goals, strategies and skills for your future wellbeing
More details...

The path of transition has its ups and downs and although it brings a lot of uncertainty and difficult emotions it also brings new chances and opportunities for growth and transformation of who you are and how you perceive the world around you. By keeping up with the practice you’ve learned in earlier weeks: healthy habits, mindful awareness of how you are feeling and relating to others, living the life according to your values and purpose, you are owning the real SHIFT within you. In the last week of the program we will focus on the progress you made so far and how to keep your internal motivation on track, as well as creating a plan of future goals and skills for your continuous wellbeing.

e-Classroom experiance.

Organize your own time.

Individual learning.

Receive 7 weeks daily inspiration -in the form of video, audio or written word- together with motivational exercises related to the weekly theme. Our online learning environment and printable workbook are specially designed to give you the most supportive learning experience by keeping you on track and showing your progress.

You are not on you own.

Community dynamics.

All students start and finish together to create community dynamics in order to feel supported. You discuss along with other students the weekly themes during and after your intense process of change.

Join interesting circles -man & women circle, reflection circle-, webinars to boost your progress and connect with fellow students or mentors who are sharing your interests. Enrich your life and be inspired by like-minded people looking for the same meaning.

Practice and explore.

Dynamic group workshops.

Join the weekly dynamic workshops together with all your fellow students to learn more about the weekly topics. Our experienced team created al the richly -learning, exercises, movement and group discussions- designed workshops, especially for The Shift.

Get fully engaged and interact with the teacher and fellow students by chat or even audio and video in our "Extra Care" plan.

included in Extra Care

Personal support.

1-on-1 Coaching and Counseling.

It's possible that during The Shift a lot of unresolved emotions and issues are coming to the surface. To make your transition as smooth as possible, we are offering in our “Extra care” plan to get personal support from our certified mentors -coach or counselor- to make The Shift experience complete.

The Free Shift library.

Find and Share together inspiration.

Share with other students inspiration -books, videos, movies, speeches- and add them to your read and watchlist. Follow other students with the same interest to widen your horizon.

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