8-Weeks Course That Will Lower Your Stress

Mindfulness and Stress Control.
Join Vesna Lakovic during our 8-weeks journey to learn more about the basic fundamentals of Mindfulness, Compassion, Self-care and much more.

What You’ll Learn In This 8-Weeks Program:

The advantages of participating in this training are unique to each participant, however, previous participants in Mindfulness courses have testified about the following results:

  • Improved attention, concentration, energy, enthusiasm and memory
  • Ability to more effectively deal with short-term and long-term stressful situations
  • Improved self-confidence, self-awareness and readiness to care for themselves
  • Increased resistance and capacity to cope with difficult thoughts, emotions and work more compassionately with others
  • Increased lifestyle in the present moment
  • Greater appreciation and acceptance of oneself and others, as well as greater understanding and wisdom in relation to growth, learning and the nature of changes in life,

Join our program in Novi Sad.

Join our program in Novi Sad.

We have just 10 free spots for our first 8-weeks edition which will start on XXX… So be quick and convince us why we need to pick you!

Apply before the 1 November and get a 20% early bird discount.

Early bird price: 140,00 till 1 Nov.
Regular price: 175,00

It’s possible to play in two instalments.

Working Structure

We deal with different topics each week. What is the advantage of a mindfulness online program is that you can work at a pace that suits you most in accordance with daily commitments? It is recommended that you spend 30-60 minutes of active work on a daily basis in order to get the maximum from your participation.

  • Specified exercises in which you answer certain questions related to the topic itself, in order to reflect your inner reflection, introspection on specific experiences and topics we deal with (10 minutes)
  • Meditations in mp3 form (10-20minutes) you are working on daily

Weekly Topics

  • First week: Attention and concentration
  • Second week: Awareness of senses
  • Third week: Awareness of thought
  • Four weeks: Stress control
  • Fifth week: Awareness of feeling
  • Sixth week: Awareness of relationships
  • Seventh week: Conscious self-compassion
  • The eighth week: Continuing further mindfulness practices

About Vesna Lakvic

In Novi Sad, Serbia, Vesna is well known for her work as a Mindfulness teacher for kids & teens (based on the method of Eline Snel Mindfulness Matters) and adults (based on Mindful-Based Stress Reduction MBSR). She started her Mindfulness journey in 2014 and since the end of 2015, she has been teaching Mindfulness, providing workshops, training, one on one coaching to many people in Balkan region as well as abroad where she worked in Thailand at New life foundation (a mindful-based recovery center) as a counsellor and Mindfulness workshop facilitator.

Spreading the idea, values and practice of Mindfulness in Serbia and the Balkan is a tough journey, because as an ex-communist country people are still quite close to the ideas of meditation and mindfulness, but that doesn’t hold me back to spread our mission. I’m surprised that we already managed to spark the interest of so many people… – Vesna

Did you know?

Neurologists have pointed out that exercise Mindfulness affects the parts of the brain associated with perception, awareness of the experience of one’s own body, tolerance to pain, regulation of emotions, introspection, complex thoughts alone informing.

Join our 8 weeks program

We will start on XXX until XXX.

Early bird price: 140,00 till XXX.
Regular price: 175,00

Just for you to know…

  • Apply before 1 September and get a 20% discount.
  • There are just 10 free spots because we’re working in small groups.
  • The program will be hosted in Mindful Center in Novi Sad.
  • You will get a certificate if you attempt a minimum of 7 meetings.
  • You can pay in two instalments 50% in the first week and 50% before the 4th week.

If you have any questions or doubts please contact me on vesna@shiftmindful.com.

Not possible to come to Novi Sad?

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