Do you recognize yourself in...

The topic of personal development and growth sparks my interest and for some time or even recently I’m faced with…

  • Life-changing decisions and events which brought high levels of anxiety, unpleasant emotions or spirals of negative thinking
  • Difficulties with being able to relax, enjoy and let go of the need to be constantly “in control” which causes high levels of stress, exhaustion and lack of sleep
  • Being tired of listening to the voice inside of my head saying “It’s never good enough, There is something wrong with me, I don’t deserve to be happy”
  • Recovery from addiction or burnout and I want to create a more sustainable and structured life
We will guide you towards:
  • Improved state of relaxation and recognizing when taking a pause is necessary
  • Better attention, concentration and memory
  • Improved ability to effectively handle stressful situations short-term and long-term
  • Improved self-confidence, self-awareness and readiness to take care of themselves
  • Increased resilience and capacity to cope with difficult thoughts, emotions and moods
  • Nurturing more compassionate relationships and non-violent communication both in personal and professional life
  • More energy and enthusiasm for daily tasks and activities
  • Being more present and aware in day to day situations
  • Acceptance and understanding of unpredictability of life which leads to improved resilience when dealing with change and transition
Our focus

During our mindful empowerment sessions, we will facilitate a safe and engaging space to support you to become more aware and connected with yourself. The Relationship we create with you is for us really important since we connect it with our core values. We made a conscious choice to live our life authentically, it’s a choice we make every day, and the relationships we build between us need to be aligned with our core values to:

Be authentic Be responsible Be trustworthy Be curious Be compassionate Be creative

Your expected outcome.

If these values are nurtured between us and people we work with, then it would lead to a fruitful, engaging and long-lasting relationships in which both sides grow.

Following from this, then all the tools, knowledge, guidance, a variety of practices and our expertise which we gained on our own path of learning and discovery are then just a perfect kick start in your personal journey of self-growth. In this way, the knowledge we share with you will have a deeper and more impactful meaning for you since our relationships will be founded on values of: authenticity, responsibility, connection, trustworthy, curiosity, compassion and creativity.

Every person is unique and everyone finds different things from our sessions beneficial and important on their own path of self-development.

What can you expect

In order for you to experience change and gain benefits from our coaching sessions, we recommended a minimum of 8 sessions 8 so you have enough time to develop and nurture various skills and exercises we would do together.

Sessions will include:

  • guided mindfulness meditations
  • workbook with weekly tasks related to the topics of mindfulness in daily life
  • mindful communication
  • awareness of our relationships
  • practices of self-compassion
  • relaxation exercises etc.
7 Things
Mindful People Do Differently
Approach everyday things with curiosity -and savor them
Forgive their mistakes -big or small
Show gratitude for good moments -and grace for bad ones
Practice compassion and nurture connections
Make peace with imperfection -inside and out
Embrace vulnerability by trusting others- and themselves
Accept -and appreciate- that things come and go
Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D.
Ready for the first step?
  • Free Introduction Video Call!

  • We created this Free Introduction Video Call to get to know each other, talk about expectations and goals, give you more information about the way we work, our guidelines and structure of our meetings, modalities and approaches we use in our work etc.

    When there is a match from both sides we will create together a Personal Growth Plan that will include your personal goals, timeframe, pricing and we will plan our first appointment.

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