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Dare to invest in the future.

Support us to create a free learning platform for Youth to learn how to...

  • take care of their mental health
  • prevent addiction and burnout
  • build resilience, self-awareness and confidence

[give_goal id="1086" show_text="true"] The first €15.000 are needed for research and development + the first test run of 7 weeks. Afterward, we need between €4.000 and €6.000 to run a season of 7 weeks check the planning for more details.


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We will start to connect young people with themselves and others and challenge them in the 2019 Youth Capital of Europe Novi Sad in Serbia.

Why investing in Youth?
Today’s youth live in a hard and fast-changing world. These youngsters are surrounded by innumerable problems like substance abuse, peer pressure, materialism, violence and bullying in schools etc. which in turn, makes them feel depressed, anxious, insecure and even self-destructive or suicidal.

It’s difficult for them to discover who they are and where they want to be in life because they believe everything needs to be bigger, faster and fancier these days. The lack of inspirational role models and appropriate support from adults or family is something that is missing as well. Being 24-7 connected to the entire world before they know how to connect with themselves or their inner circle.

We want to find a way to make it possible for the youth to understand the fundamentals of being human to feel, accept, love, connect and act from their own heart and strength.

It’s time to Shift and to invests in the future because the youth are the pillars of social, economic and political development.

We love to invite you to join our mission.

Feel free to share this page on social media to boots our impact.

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A couple on a mission.
to Dare the Youth to be Human!

Vesna is the first one in Serbia and the rest of the Balkan who taught mindfulness for youth and children. She founded in 2016 her NGO Mindful centre-association for children, youth and families and worked with around 1000 people in the last 4 years. When it comes to her educational background, she is a pedagogist (educator) and master manager in education and currently in studies to become a psychotherapist, but her experience is mostly connected with working within NGO sector as a coordinator, mentor, teacher…

In Novi Sad, Serbia, Vesna is well known for her work as a Mindfulness teacher for kids & teens (based on the method of Eline Snel Mindfulness Matters) and adults (based on Mindful-Based Stress Reduction MBSR). She started her Mindfulness journey in 2014 and since the end of 2015 she has been teaching Mindfulness, providing workshops, training, one on one coaching to many people in Balkan region as well as abroad where she worked in Thailand at New life foundation (a mindful-based recovery centre) as a counsellor and Mindfulness workshop facilitator.

Spreading the idea, values and practice of Mindfulness in Serbia and the Balkan is a tough journey, because as an ex-communist country people are still quite close to the ideas of meditation and mindfulness, but that doesn’t hold me back to spread our mission. I’m surprised that we already managed to spark the interest of so many people… – Vesna


Last year Vesna started a new initiative with her partner André from the Netherlands called Shift Mindful in which they want to provide a sustainable 7-weeks free online and offline mindfulness-based program for young people from Serbia and also to train new trainers to do the same.

After 7 years of running his successful Web Development company Techtwo in the Netherlands, André lost himself in depression and addiction that led to burnout. This created an opportunity for him to fulfil his dream of exploring himself, the world and beyond. A wonderful journey that brought him new insights and transformed his belief system of what life is about.

My mission is to encourage and inspire the new generations on their journey of self-discovery and purpose, by using my old corporate and digital skills together with my personal experience. – André

A team of amazing experts.
We’re creating with a team of amazing experts a self-sufficient 7-weeks free online and offline program for youth based on mindfulness and modern psychology.

Katarina Majkic

Resilience expert

Founder at Play Center Novi Sad

Mos Jef

Life harmonization expert

Founder of Effinity Consultation

Leslie de Jong

Communication expert

Quality of Life Coach at Communicatie-Academie

Ben Makosch

Body and Movement expert

Yoga Instructor

Sanja Stankovic

Emotional regulation expert

Co-founder From love we grow

Ivana Muskinja

Relationships expert

National leader Familylab Serbia

Sven Rickli

Business psychology expert

Culture guru & Founder at Nolost Capital

Rob Peters

Digital expert

Founder at Handpicked agencies

Mila Radovanovic

Phd psychology researcher

Psychologist at Play Center Novi Sad

Join as a expert?

Do you want to share your gifts and expertise in our program? Please contact us!

Share your skills

Our 7-weeks free program
online and offline for youth.

Dare to change.

Who am I and where am I?

During this week we will work on exploring what are life transitions and do we recognize ourselves in a period of transition at the moment. Gradually we will be focusing on our emotions, thoughts and behaviours, daily habits and whether they are connected with the stage in which we are. We will reflect on the topic of our core values and try to answer the question: “Do we live our lives according to our values?”


Dare to feel.

Emotional regulation.

The second week is devoted to the topic of our emotions and their importance for our mental health. We will learn how to become aware, recognize and accept our different emotions, get familiar with the positive functions of unpleasant emotions. During the week we will find out more about healthy ways of expressing emotions and learning how to deal with difficult emotions in order to develop emotional agility.


Dare to accept.


Through the third week, we will define the term resilience and which skills can help us in dealing with difficult life challenges and obstacles. Topics like: self-awareness, self-esteem and mental agility-learning how to accept things, look at different perspectives of life, and let go of things that are slowing down our progress, will be in the spotlight during this week.


Dare to love.


In the fourth week, we will become familiar with the term mindful-self compassion, the difference between compassion and self-compassion and benefits of this practice. Through reflection, guided exercises and journaling we will be calming our inner critic and recognizing our inner self-judgemental thoughts which are preventing us from growing as a person.


Dare to connect.


Fifth week will be focused on defining important personal relationships in our lives and ways how we can nurture them and make more authentic and aligned with our core values. We will explore our boundaries, learn how to express our needs as well how to say no, get familiar with practices of assertive communication, non-violent communication, as well as the terms of authenticity, vulnerability and empathy.


Dare to act.

Goal setting.

In the last weeks of the program, we will redefine our core values to create our goal-driven action plan. It’s time to make a structured plan for our daily habits and inspiring routines to keep us motivated. We will go by breaking down goals related to our mental-emotional well-being in the proposed time frame.


Dare to human.

Wrapping-up week.

In this week we will evaluate our own progress and changes we’ve made on the path of self-discovery and acceptance of our authentic self. We will define the most valuable insights and practices within the program and how to achieve continuous implementation of the most beneficial activities. Participants of the program will define together ways of mutual support and activities which they could do together to keep up with good practice.

We mixing the best of both worlds online and offline learning together to keep a personal touch and make it possible to scale and make a real impact in the world.

Stay motivated and on track.

Check-in daily and receive inspiration -in the form of video, audio or written word- together with exercises related to the weekly theme. Our online learning environment is specially designed to give you the most supportive learning experience by keeping you on track and showing your progress.

Organize your own time.

Our online learning environment is specially designed to give you the most supportive learning experience by keeping you on track and showing your progress.

Discover & Practice together.

Join the weekly experiential workshops together with your fellow students to learn more about the weekly topics. Our experienced team created al the richly -learning, exercises, movement and group discussions- designed workshops, especially for The Shift.

The workshops will be presented offline to a selected group, but all the other participants can join it on our lifestream.

Interviews and Q&A with professionals.

We will welcome every week a respected expert from the field connected to the topic of the week. The guest speakers will be psychotherapists, trainers, coaches, psychologists, entrepreneurs etc. Enrich your life and be inspired by like-minded people looking for the same meaning.

You're not on your own.

You discuss along with other students the weekly themes during and after your intense process of change. Join interesting circles -man & women circle, reflection circle- and connect with fellow students or mentors who are sharing your interests.

Find and Share together inspiration.

Share with other students inspiration -books, videos, movies, speeches- and add them to your read and watchlist. Follow other students with the same interest to widen your horizon.

Expected benefits for the participants

Each participant will experience the benefits of the program in their own unique way, but based on similar programs we have lead in the past, these are some realistic expectations we believe participants will gain by engaging in our program.

Expected benefits

  • Improved state of relaxation and recognizing when taking a pause is necessary to create better attention, concentration and memory.
  • Improved ability to effectively handle stressful situations short-term and long-term
  • Improved self-confidence, self-awareness and readiness to take care of themselves
  • Increased resilience and capacity to cope with difficult thoughts, emotions and moods to nurturing more compassionate relationships and non-violent communication both in personal and professional life
  • More energy and enthusiasm for daily tasks and activities to be more present and aware in a day to day situations
  • Creating acceptance and understanding of unpredictability of life which leads to improved resilience when dealing with change and transition
Research & Methods
Is it beneficial for the emotional and mental wellbeing of youth?

Together with a psychologist who is currently enrolled in her Ph.D. studies and is as well counselor at Play center in Novi Sad, we will do research with 20 enrolled participants of the program, through each cycle of the program.

With this research, we want to prove the relevance of the program and its benefits for the general emotional and mental wellbeing of youth, the impact of the program on quality of their life as well as stress reduction and control. 

During 2016. and in 2017. we have done the research in which we tested the impact of the Mindfulness program on the self-esteem of youth and we have proven that the program has an evident impact on the improvement of self-esteem of young people.

Our program is based on methods like

  • Positive psychology
  • Mindfulness practice based on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program MBSR
  • Mindful self-compassion MSC
  • Neuro-linguistic programming NLP
  • Tension, stress and trauma release exercises TRE
  • Emotional intelligence/Emotional literacy
  • Points of you- creative tools for training & development
  • Theta healing & Ecstatic dance
  • Assertive & Nonviolent communication
  • Project management based on SCRUM
  • Getting things done GTD
Development and Enrollment 2019 - 2020.
  • attach_money

    Fixing sponsors for Research & development.

    From February 2019
  • build
    Research & development

    Program & portal.

    February till April 2019
  • bookmark
    Program promotion
    March 2019
  • build
    Test Run

    12 chosen ones (off-line)

    21 April till 2 June 2019
  • build
    Recap & maintenance
    June 2019
  • attach_money

    Fixing sponsors for the first run.

    From May 2019
  • event_available
    First Run

    20 chosen ones (off-line)
    50 extra participants (online)

    16 June till 28 July 2019
  • build
    Recap & maintenance
    August 2019
  • attach_money

    Fixing sponsors for the second run.

    From May 2019
  • event_available
    Second Run (Back to School)

    20 chosen ones (off-line)
    50 - 100 extra participants (online)

    beginning of September 2019
  • build
    Recap & maintenance
    October 2019
  • attach_money

    Fixing sponsors for the third run.

    From October 2019
  • event_available
    Third Run

    20 chosen ones (off-line)
    50 - XXX extra participants (online)

    beginning of September 2019
  • 2020

How do you want to support?

We invite you to join our mission… so we can create together a free learning program for the youth!

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