Shift Academy

We’re combining a personal & experiential learning experience together with the right structure and tools to boost your personal growth.

Our founder and pedagogist Vesna Lakovic create and handpick all our programs to let you become…

  • Resilient: Bounce back from failure.
  • Responsible: Know when to take action or step back.
  • Vulnerable: Share personal struggles and allow others to help
  • Mindful: better attention and self-regulation

What’s Upcoming

Check out what’s going on in the next months at Shiftmindful.
The events, courses and programs we are facilitating online and offline.

Parents Growth Weekend

Are you tired of relational stress and resolving conflicts with your kid(s) or partner and feel like not knowing how to provide a sustainable solution?

On the weekend of 27 until 29 March, 2020 Shiftmindful will organize together with Family Lab Serbia a weekend filled with international and local speakers, discussions, two days advanced training, experiential workshops, tools and a lot of knowledge!

Event in Novi Sad
Dare to Connect
with your child(ren)

Join the conversation in Novi Sad on 27 of March from 19:00h till 21:00h…

weekend training in Novi Sad
Conflict resolution
in relationships with children

Saturday and Sunday 27 & 28 of March with Hans Holter Solhjell from Family Lab Norway…

You will learn to…

  • Be more effective at preventing and resolving conflict.
  • Be confident about what limits to set and how to set them.
  • Be a more empathetic and understanding parent while also being a responsible leader.
  • Ensure that your child feels understood and accepted and has coping skills for dealing with their emotions positively.

And much more…

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Do you want a sneak preview?

Check our free masterclass with Holter Solhjell from Norway to get already some glimpses of the training 🙂

Conflict resolution in relationships with children

Width Hans Holter Solhjell from Norway

What if we can give you a basic understanding of relational stress and how both positive and negative stress help to influence and shape a child’s development. Especially on the effects that stress has on the development of a child’s brain, self-regulation, emotional regulation, self-expression, play, and exploration.

8-Weeks Program

Mindfulness & Stress Release

After launching and testing our renewed 8-weeks Mindfulness program in 2019, we’re going big in 2020.

In April we will start with a new group of hungry students from; Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, and other countries!

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Do you want a sneak preview?

Check our free masterclass with Vesna Laković from Serbia to get already some glimpses of our program 🙂

Besplatan masterclass svesne pažnje

Width Vesna Laković from Serbia

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