Are you between 18 and 25 and does the topic of personal development, mental health & growth spark your interest and for some time or even recently you’ve been facing important life transitions?

By becoming a part of this program you will learn and grow together with like-minded youngsters, be supported by inspiring mentors and teachers and have an opportunity to become aware of the transition stage in which you are and how to stay mindful while going through tribulations in your life, build your resilience, nurture healthy habits and build strong relationships, as well as much more…

Who is the program for?
If you want to become familiar with:
  • Gaining more insights about the transition stages
  • Building self-awareness how you are and where you are at the moment
  • Practicing awareness and acceptance of difficult emotions such as shame, guilt and fear
  • Recognizing unhealthy patterns of thinking and learning how to shift them
  • Writing exercises, meditations and reflection groups
  • Being part of a psychology research about the quality of life of young people
  • Recognizing and defining our core values
  • Recreating our identities and the idea of who we are
  • Defining the activities which we find beneficial for our wellbeing
  • Making a structured plan for living life in harmony
  • Becoming familiar with self-compassion
  • Defining our inner challenges and struggles
  • Ways we can nurture personal relationships in a healthy way
  • Acknowledging and communicating our boundaries
  • Getting familiar non-violent & assertive communication
  • Creating a plan with goals, strategies and skills for your future wellbeing
Start your quest.
From 12 May until 30 Jun.
We have just 12 free spots for our first 7 weeks edition which will start on Sunday 12 May… So be quick and convince us why we need to pick you!
Left to apply for the first run of Dare to be Human!
Master the 6 elements.
It’s time to understand and grow by mastering the 6 elements of life to become an authentic human being! In this program dare you to change, feel, accept, love, connect, act and be Human!

Dare to change.

Who am I and where am I?

During this week we will work on exploring what are life transitions and do we recognize ourselves in a period of transition at the moment. Gradually we will be focusing on our emotions, thoughts and behaviours, daily habits and whether they are connected with the stage in which we are. We will reflect on the topic of our core values and try to answer the question: “Do we live our lives according to our values?”


Dare to feel.

Emotional regulation.

The second week is devoted to the topic of our emotions and their importance for our mental health. We will learn how to become aware, recognize and accept our different emotions, get familiar with the positive functions of unpleasant emotions. During the week we will find out more about healthy ways of expressing emotions and learning how to deal with difficult emotions in order to develop emotional agility.


Dare to accept.


Through the third week, we will define the term resilience and which skills can help us in dealing with difficult life challenges and obstacles. Topics like: self-awareness, self-esteem and mental agility-learning how to accept things, look at different perspectives of life, and let go of things that are slowing down our progress, will be in the spotlight during this week.


Dare to love.


In the fourth week, we will become familiar with the term mindful-self compassion, the difference between compassion and self-compassion and benefits of this practice. Through reflection, guided exercises and journaling we will be calming our inner critic and recognizing our inner self-judgemental thoughts which are preventing us from growing as a person.


Dare to connect.


Fifth week will be focused on defining important personal relationships in our lives and ways how we can nurture them and make more authentic and aligned with our core values. We will explore our boundaries, learn how to express our needs as well how to say no, get familiar with practices of assertive communication, non-violent communication, as well as the terms of authenticity, vulnerability and empathy.


Dare to act.

Goal setting.

In the last weeks of the program, we will redefine our core values to create our goal-driven action plan. It’s time to make a structured plan for our daily habits and inspiring routines to keep us motivated. We will go by breaking down goals related to our mental-emotional well-being in the proposed time frame.


Dare to be human.

Wrapping-up week.

In this week we will evaluate our own progress and changes we’ve made on the path of self-discovery and acceptance of our authentic self. We will define the most valuable insights and practices within the program and how to achieve continuous implementation of the most beneficial activities. Participants of the program will define together ways of mutual support and activities which they could do together to keep up with good practice.

We mixing the best of both worlds online and offline learning together to keep a personal touch and make it possible to scale and make a real impact in the world.

Stay motivated and on track.

Check-in daily and receive inspiration -in the form of video, audio or written word- together with exercises related to the weekly theme. Our online learning environment is specially designed to give you the most supportive learning experience by keeping you on track and showing your progress.

Organize your own time.

Our online learning environment is specially designed to give you the most supportive learning experience by keeping you on track and showing your progress.

Discover & Practice together.

Join the weekly experiential workshops together with your fellow students to learn more about the weekly topics. Our experienced team created al the richly -learning, exercises, movement and group discussions- designed workshops, especially for The Shift.

The workshops will be presented offline to a selected group, but all the other participants can join it on our lifestream.

Interviews and Q&A with professionals.

We will welcome every week a respected expert from the field connected to the topic of the week. The guest speakers will be psychotherapists, trainers, coaches, psychologists, entrepreneurs etc. Enrich your life and be inspired by like-minded people looking for the same meaning.

You're not on your own.

You discuss along with other students the weekly themes during and after your intense process of change. Join interesting circles -man & women circle, reflection circle- and connect with fellow students or mentors who are sharing your interests.

Find and Share together inspiration.

Share with other students inspiration -books, videos, movies, speeches- and add them to your read and watchlist. Follow other students with the same interest to widen your horizon.

Meet the experts.
During your quest you will connect with diffrent national and international experts out of the field of mindfulness, modern psychology and science to master the 6 elements.

Vesna Lakovic

Mindfulness expert

Program director at ShiftMindful

André van Kempen

Productivity expert

Creative director at ShiftMindful

Katarina Majkic

Resilience expert

Founder at Play Center Novi Sad

Sanja Stankovic

Emotional regulation expert

Co-founder From love we grow

Ivana Muskinja

Relationships expert

National leader Familylab Serbia

Mila Radovanovic

Phd psychology researcher

Psychologist at Play Center Novi Sad

Join Dare to be Human.
a free online and offline experiential learning program for youth.
You can apply for free if you’re…
  • from Novi Sad and have the age between 18 and 25
  • ready to commit for 7 weeks on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting from 14 May
  • open for change and ready to become an authentic human being
  • ready to take responsibility and fully commit yourself in the process of change

schedule & FAQ

  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 18.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

How Much Time You’ll Need?

We recommend between 6-8 hours per week to watch the course content, joining the workshop and interview, master your mindful exercises, complete your growth assignments and — if you’d like — engage with our mentors and the community.

Naturally, the more focus and dedication you put into our program, the more you’ll get out of it. But if you’re not able to carve out that much time at first, don’t worry. Many of our students go through the program as best they can, pause and return to it as their schedule allows.


“Week kick-off”

On Sunday we kick-off our week by sharing an introduction video, weekly exercise plan and the library upgrade.


“Group workshop”

We will host every Tuesday from 18:00 until 20:00 our workshops @ Familylab Srbija Kisačka 47 21000 Novi Sad.


“Interviews and Q&A with professionals”

We will host every Thursday from 19:00 until 20:30 our interviews and Q&A with professionals online.

Friday or Saturday

“Reflection groups”

We will host every Friday or Saturday from 19:00 until 20:30 our reflection groups.

Can I apply even if I have no previous experience in these topics?

Yes, no experience is needed to become part of this program only your commitment and motivation to join us.

Can I apply if my English is not so good?

Most of the workshops and content will be in the English language, and one of the facilitators on the workshops speaks in English, so it would be good if you can understand and communicate on an intermediate level.

Nobody will check your spelling mistakes and correct you if you make a mistake, but in order for you to engage and be part of the group, it is necessary to be able to communicate. Also, see it as a way of improving your language skills and learning more 🙂

What if I already know I won’t be able to join some of the live workshops, reflection groups or expert interviews?

During the 7 weeks, program commitment is very important to us, so we will allow only 2 times per person in total to miss some of the content such as group workshop, expert interview or reflection group.

How will the selection process work?

The first round is the application process, after which we will inform all the interested persons if the have passed the first round. The application will be evaluated based on your motivation, interest, how able you are to commit, level of knowledge English language (intermediate level is required) and we will try to be gender equal.

After the first round selected persons will be interviewed online where we will get to know you a bit better, and selection will be done again based on your level of motivation, responsibility to commit and engage, but also we will try to create a diverse group of young people, different ages, backgrounds, fields of studies and so on.

After the interview selected participants are informed and we are starting! 🙂

Do I have to be part of the psychology research during this program?

During this program we will be doing psychology research together with Play center Novi Sad and our colleague from Slovenia, the research will be about how this program affects the quality of life of young people.

Yes, your contribution would be helpful a lot for us. The research will be anonymous so your personal information won’t be exposed, but it will help us out in order to see the real impact of the program and make it better for the next generations of the program Dare to be Human.

Can I apply if I’m older than 25?

For now, applications are open for the age group from 18-25, in the near future the program for older age groups will be open as well, so feel free to leave your contact information and we will inform you when the applications are open.

We dare you to be Human

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