Conflict resolution in relationships with children

Are you tired of relational stress and resolving conflicts with your kid(s) or partner and feel like not knowing how to provide a sustainable solution?

What if we can give you a basic understanding of relational stress and how both positive and negative stress help to influence and shape a child’s development?

You will learn to…

  • How can we grow and improve our relationship with children through conflicts
  • What to do when there is a conflict between siblings in the family
  • What is self-regulation and why is it important to develop it
  • How to take a leadership position as an adult in a relationship with children without punishment or physical abuse
  • How can we engage with children in healthy dialogue and conflict

Meet our Expert Hans

Hans Holter Solhjell

the longstanding leader of Familylab Norway, lecturer, trainer, coach and counsellor.

Hans wrote his thesis in pedagogy on topics related to self-regulation, the development of the brain and nervous system, psychoneurobiological developmental theory, trauma, etc. He is educated in two different body-oriented trauma therapies: Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE).

Hans provides general courses and guidance to parents, kindergartens, and schools, as well as training, focused on the effects trauma has on both children and adults. Hans also developed the PLS Co-regulation Model over the past 12 years.

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