How do you solve a problem with compassion?

Problem-solving with compassion You want to find a solution to your problem, but you don’t want to ignore your team’s opinions and feelings. It doesn’t mean taking responsibility for other people’s problems and solving them or pitying them. Compassion involves noticing others’ suffering, connecting to them cognitively and emotionally, and responding to them with support. … Continued

Why wake up early in the morning?

Oh yes, if there is something that I like – it’s sleeping. A nice time to be by myself, to recover and become everything that I want if I catch the right dream. And then,  in the middle of some important action or I’m just flying around a bit… something happens at that exact moment, … Continued

How are you doing.. or feeling?

Mostly the answer to this question is: “Yes, great-busy”…but why are we not answering this question with a real response from our heart? Why is it so difficult to talk about our real feelings and about how we are doing? What’s happening at the moment? It’s so easy to communicate with all the social media but why do we not talk about the real deal and our true feeling?

What is your happiness score today?

Often people are talking about happiness and that we all want to be happy en enjoy our lives. Only how aware are you of your state of happiness, how satisfied are you at the moment, what is it that makes you happy, how does true happiness feels? In the last years, I use a straightforward … Continued

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