boy and girl met in a community far far away from home… The boy had a creative brain with a corporate digital background and the beautiful girl was filled with pure wisdom and true passion to help others. Back in the days, they were trapped in a spiral of negative thinking what lead them to lack of motivation and joy. Stress without resting and not knowing how to make a pause lead him to burnout. Constantly helping others and being attuned to their needs without awareness of herself lead her to compassion fatigue. Loneliness, isolation, need for the escape, not knowing how to ask for help lead him to addiction.

He was still in his recovery from addiction and burnout that was ruling his life for the last 10 years. She was also in the recovering of compassion fatigue and processing here breakup and other shit that was going on in her life. Only sometimes love brings the unexpected together… and that’s exactly where our adventure started and the Shift was born.

Our mission
is to make a difference...

By guiding individuals, kids & teens and organizations mindfully, by facilitating mindful change management to discover limited beliefs and overcome challenges which are holding them back from shifting into the state of flow and inner fulfillment.

Through experiential learning in the form of 1-on-1 coaching, group education, workshops and retreats for personal growth, business development and kids & teens education.

After 7 years of running a successful Web Development company Techtwo in the Netherlands, I lost myself in depression and addiction that led to burnout. This created the opportunity to fulfill my dream of exploring myself, the world and beyond. A wonderful journey that brought me new insights and transformed my belief system of where life is about.

I will embody the new generation waking up to put their gifts and skills in service of finding Purpose in Life by using Mindfulness, Coaching, e-Learning, Motivational Speaking, Marketing, Commerce and facilitating Retreats & Workshops to influence and empower corporations and the individual.

Andre van Kempen

As a certified Mindfulness trainer and a BA in Pedagogy, I have dedicated my whole career to various methodologies and approaches that help people to understand themselves, emotions, and trials and tribulations that wait ahead.

I am proud to be a founder of Mindfulness Center in Novi Sad, where I use Mindfulness principles in the work with children, adolescents, adults and families. My creative and innovative approach is shown in many projects, workshops and international cooperation. Highlight of my career is life the coach position at The New Life Foundation in Thailand. In addition to the therapeutic work, I have finished the one year introduction course in personal construct psychotherapy and counseling. Since I want to continue my career in this direction, I am ready for new challenges.

Vesna Lakovic

Do you need guidance?

We believe that when people are lost tend to isolate themselves, often getting stuck in spirals of negative thinking and despair. This is something we have encountered as well on our own path of recovery and change while dealing with addiction, burnout, compassion fatigue, depression, breakup, war…. It took us some time to find the right ways, approaches to heal ourselves and move forward in our lives.

Because of that, we created the Mindful Shift to kickstart your growth by saving you years of expensive trial and error. We did the trail and errors already for you and combined our own experience blended with all the knowledge we collected from other gifted teachers based on ancient wisdom and proven modern psychology.

Believe us, it’s way more empowering to go through transitions and changes with the support of others, that’s why we based our work on core values we practice and nurture every day to understand, reflect and transform ourselves and others.

We are all born to experience
the ecstatic feeling of pure happiness and love,
allow yourself to feel that
by taking charge of your life!

– André & Vesna

Our focus

We will facilitate a safe and engaging space to support you to become more aware and connected with yourself. The Relationship we create with you is for us really important since we connect it with our core values. We made a conscious choice to live our life authentically, it’s a choice we make every day, and the relationships we build between us need to be aligned with our core values to:

Be authentic Be responsible Be trustworthy Be curious Be compassionate Be creative

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