Education, Courses & Programs at Shift Academy

Shift Academy

We’re combining a personal & experiential learning experience together with the right structure and tools to boost your personal growth.

Our founder and pedagogist Vesna Lakovic create and handpick all our programs to let you become…

  • Resilient: Bounce back from failure.
  • Responsible: Know when to take action or step back.
  • Vulnerable: Share personal struggles and allow others to help
  • Mindful: better attention and self-regulation

All our Courses, Programs & Events

Free Masterclasses

Get familiar with new topics, approaches and passions to boost your personal growth.

Online Courses & Programs

Dive deeper in specific topics with a online course or 4 – 8 weeks programs.

Events in our Space

Attempt a workshops or training in our Mindfulness Center Novi Sad.

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