Our Heartbeat!

We are passionate explorers who want to make a real impact! We love to be dared, so we can grow our capacity. People we’re working with calling us committed, dedicated and professional. They see our approaches as a unique way to understand themselves and their surroundings.

In February 2019, Andre van Kempen decided to follow his heart and to join his girlfriend Vesna Laković on a mission to bring Mindfulness and self-Compassion to the Balkans.

We continued together years of passion & hard work.

The moment where his passion for IT & personal growth with a corporate approach merged together with her passion for education from a humanitarian viewpoint to making this world a better place!

About us 🙂

We create and implement mindfulness-based programs to deepen the connection within teams, by changing the way how people think and connect. Besides, we provide business consultancy in the field of company branding and culture.

I’m André van Kempen

Already my whole life, I’m seeking to solve challenges in a creative way. In 2005 I founded my first company, and in 2009 I founded together with my old companion Wim La Haye Techtwo, now known as Blue Bird Day. Proudly I can say they are two years in a row, awarded the number 1 e-commerce agency in the Emerce top 100 of the Netherlands.

Staring in the recession in the deep competitive red ocean of web-development wasn’t easy. However, the great thing was, it taught me to see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow; it allowed me to celebrate victories and to create a culture where we inspire each other by example. Unfortunately enough in 2016, I needed to discover the hard way that something was missing; the stress and lack of purpose burned me out and revealed my years of substance abuse. I needed to make a shift, breaking my old habits and unhealthy patterns; I needed to re-connect with myself.

My journey guided me towards crazy things like; 10-days water fasting, 30 days Muay Thai boxing camp, 14-days in silence with monks, implementing scrum to invent a new menu in Balinese kitchen, becoming a Reiki Master and Theta healer, giving lectures and inspirational talks in co-working spaces, hosting brainstorms on the Gili islands, living the nomadic lifestyle and volunteering in a mindful addiction recovery community in Thailand.

While I was volunteering in Thailand, I met my girlfriend and future business partner, so unusual circumstances, together with love, brought me to Serbia. Life here grounded me and made me aware of how I want to merge together my past 10 years of experience.

Going back to business life without being in contact with myself or totally switching to the world of personal development field was not the best idea as well.

So I founded Shiftmindful, which could help me bridge these two worlds together. Today I’m using my business knowledge in sales, marketing and IT as well as my experience and wisdom I gained from mindfulness and compassion.

Andre is a special person. He has the guts to make decisions that few people dare to make. This means that he has found the way to ultimate wisdom, happiness and success, or Quality of LIFE (the plural of COURAGE). Being happy is not a destination, but enjoying the journey. He has understood that message like no other. He is now making the most beautiful journey of his life and I enjoy it again. An inspiration for many to realize that you make decisions every minute of the day. Do you have the COURAGE to choose your own quality of life? If not, I advise you to let Andre enriches you.

Sven Rickli

Sven Rickli


I’m Vesna Laković

I have finished my bachelor studies in Pedagogy and Master studies in Management in Education. Since 2015, I have been conducting mindfulness trainings, workshops and programs for children, youth and adults in Serbia. In the region, people know me as an entrepreneur within my Mindfulness Center in Novi Sad.

I completed my training for Mindfulness Trainer in Slovenia in 2015, and a year later I also became a Mindfulness trainer for children and teens with a practice based on the Mindfulness Matters method by author Eline Snel.

I continue my specialization in the field of Mindfulness by completing courses in various areas: Mindful Self-Compassion- a program aimed at prevention of compassion fatigue and burnout in the helping professions, Mindful leadership, MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program) and currently I am enrolled in a Teacher Training for MSC teacher (Mindful self-compassion).

Over time, I also learned about other practices and approaches that become part of my work, the values ​​of Jesper Juul’s family psychotherapist, personal construct psychotherapy, TRE method – tension, stress and trauma release exercises…

I spent the period between 2017 and 2018 in Thailand working as a counsellor and Mindfulness facilitator at New Life Foundation, an addiction recovery community. Since 2019, I’m one of the first certified TRE providers in our country (exercises to release tension, stress and trauma).

Let’s Inspire Others

by sharing our story with your network 🙂

As someone who uses mindfulness in her work, I can only say the best about Vesna Laković. Novi sad is very happy to have this kind of support and resource like her! I highly recommend to everyone training and workshops from her. Vesna is an excellent expert in the  eld of mindfulness, but also a wonderful person with whom it is always a pleasure to cooperate with.

Marina Kolaric

Marina Kolaric


What others are saying

I had my first education on the topic of mindfulness with Vesna and I highly recommend them. It was an awesome experience for me, returning to myself and slow down at this quick pace of our lives. Vesna is an exceptional coach, dedicated, professional and expert in this area.

Sanja Miladinovic

Sanja Miladinovic


A few years ago I met these techniques for the first time and passed a two-day training with Vesna. Extraordinary experience! I adopted some things, customised to myself and use them daily. Breathing Techniques. Awareness of emotions that remain stuck in the body. Focus on now and here. Vesna literally lives this concept with her authentic energy and peace. I am glad that these precious experiences and methods of world experts were brought to Serbia. For every recommendation! Something that every person needs to know and learn about themselves!

Zorica Pajantić

Zorica Pajantić


I am happy to write this recommendation for André. I know André as a specialist in everything related to “growth”. A creative entrepreneur pur sang. His open and critical attitude makes him a sincere advisor and a strong sparring partner. When everyone gets stuck, it is André who always comes up with a creative solution. A consultation with André is guaranteed to bring you new insights.

Evert van den Berg

Evert van den Berg


Let’s make together an impact!

With our profit, we arrange amazing initiatives within our NGO Mindfulness Corner.


Dare to be Human

2019 was the year that Novi Sad was Youth Capital, a great place to boost our mission of bringing Mindfulness and compassion to the Balkans.

We created our personal growth program Dare to be Human and launched our education platform to teach the youth the basic fundamentals of life. A welcome gift from Shiftmindful to the Youth of the Balkans.


Conscious attention and stress control during COVID-19.

During the crazy COVID-19 period we launched together with our NGO Mindfulness Corner a free mindfulness masterclass to bring knowledge and tools to more than 1500 individuals.


We launched weekly webinars and podcasts together with other experts to make all our knowledge freely accessible around the topics of mindfulness, self-compassion, resilience, trauma, kids development and much more.

As a follow-up, we reduced our prices to make our 8-weeks mindfulness and 5-weeks compassion program accessible for everyone in the Balkans.

We value and dare you to…

  • take responsibility and don’t expect others to do the work
  • have the courage to be vulnerable and honest towards yourself and others
  • practice resilience and compassion instead of faking perfection
  • focus but be aware of when to stop in order to enjoy the process

We love to empower you and your team mindfully on the path of growth, but we can’t save you, the work has to be done by you and your team.

Join our mission…

Impact your employees while impacting others. All proceeds fund our work with vulnerable groups.

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