We’re blending a personal & experiential learning experience together with the right structure and tools to boost your personal growth.

In February 2019, Vesna Laković and her partner Andre van Kempen founded Shiftmindful to promote personal growth and mental health, work on burnout prevention and compassion fatigue through psycho-educational online and offline programs.

Our mission is to touch 1 Million souls before 2030!

Join us on our mission, and we will support you to Shift yourself and others.

We value and dare you to…

  • take responsibility and don’t expect others to do the work
  • have the courage to be vulnerable and honest towards yourself and others
  • practice resilience and compassion instead of faking perfection
  • focus but be aware of when to stop in order to enjoy the process

We love to empower you mindfully on your path of growth, but we can’t save you, the work has to be done by you.

Meet the founders

Vesna Lakovic

is a graduate educator, a master manager in education. Since 2015, she has been conducting mindfulness training, workshops and programs for children, young people and adults in Serbia and in the region as an entrepreneur within the Mindfulness Center. She completed her training for Mindfulness Coach in Slovenia in 2015, a year later she also became a Mindfulness Coach for children and young people with a practice based on the Mindfulness Matters method by author Eline Snel.

She continues her specialization in the field of Mindfulness by completing courses in various areas: Conscious Self-Compassion, a program aimed at combustion prevention and compassion fatigue in the assisting professions, the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program in Thailand. Over time, she also learns about other practices and approaches that become part of her work, the values ​​of Jesper Jul’s educator, constructivist psychotherapy, TREATMENTS to release tension and stress…

She spent the period between 2017 and 2018 in Thailand working as a counsellor and Mindfulness facilitator at New Life Foundation, an addiction recovery community. Since 2019, it is one of the first certified TRE providers in our country (exercises to release tension, stress and trauma)

Andre van Kempen

is from the Netherlands, and for the past ten years, his career has focused on the IT sector, design, leadership, sales and marketing as part of his previous company Techtwo in the Netherlands. Three years ago, due to personal challenges, he changed his course. After three years spent in Asia and Australia, he moved in 2019 together with Vesna to Serbia to promote personal-growth and mental-health in the Balkans with Shiftmindful.

For the past 4 years, his focus has been on personal development, business coaching and consulting in areas such as NLP, Mindful and compassionate leadership, Scaling up methods and mindfulness, Zen and vipassana meditations. Vesna became one of the first TRE trainers in Serbia to release tension and stress.

We combine best of two worlds – online and offline to make knowledge accessible to everyone – everywhere.