In order to begin to change things in our lives, we first need to become aware of them as they are and accept them. Accepting that we are currently facing something that is difficult for us, accepting that we have lost someone we love, that we are sick or that we are going through a difficult period in our lives. It is normal that this will often be accompanied by denial, anger and other unpleasant feelings, and that we may need a lot of time to accept this difficult situation for us. In order to be able to continue with our life and development, the first step is to accept the situation as it is. It is the same with meditation.

There will often be days when it will be very difficult for us to meditate, we will have a lot of thoughts, frustration, problems with focus and attention. If we fight this helplessly and deny our current experience, we will only make it harder for ourselves. If, on the other hand, we accept that things are as they are at the moment, we will gradually learn how to deal with what we currently have, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

This does not mean that we are passive observers that we do nothing to change certain negative habits, attitudes and situations around us, but on the contrary, the first step towards change is to accept the situation as it is. Nurturing self-compassion and understanding for ourselves that the situation may not be the best for us at the moment, but instead of ignoring, suppressing or fighting it, it may be easier for us to accept it as it is and then gradually work on changing it.

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