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We provide knowledge and tools in local and English languages to develop skills that will improve the well-being of yourself and your household or organization; becoming more resilient and compassionate, improving social-emotional intelligence and leadership skills.

Feel present, create better connections, reduce stress, lower absences, as well as prevent and detecting stress, burnout or exhaustion.

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Conflict resolution in relationships with children

Width Hans Holter Solhjell from Norway

What if we can give you a basic understanding of relational stress and how both positive and negative stress help to influence and shape a child’s development. Especially on the effects that stress has on the development of a child’s brain, self-regulation, emotional regulation, self-expression, play, and exploration.

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Meet the Founders

The importance of self-development and recovery is something that became a priority in our lives in the past years.

We’ve been practising and studying different approaches, modalities in the area of human development as a combination of western psychology and alternative healing…

Meet the Founders

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