We change the way people feel and connect.

Our mission is to support organisations to create mindful-based and compassion-driven work environments.

Our main passions.

Train focus


We’re offering online and offline workshops and multiple weeks trainings. A good way to educate yourself or to give your team a taste of our mindfulness-based approaches.

Recognise emotions

Company Culture

When purpose becomes the drive a culture gets born. It gives teams mission, values, responsibilities and goals. A deeper meaning will be discovered, learn to grow through failure and stay resilient even in chaos.

Reduce stress

Program design

If you’re a trainer, coach, HR-manager and you like to intergrade mindful-based elements in your program, training, company culture or on-boarding process.

Let’s Go all-in
360 Workplace Integration

Our 360 integration is a Custom Mindfulness-Based Workplace Integration. From assessment, program design to strategy & integration, and even including a complete social e-learning solution 🙂

Meet the Founders

The importance of self-development and resilience is something that became a priority in our lives in the past years. We’ve been practising and studying different approaches, modalities in the area of human and business development as a combination of western psychology and mindfulness.

Andre and Vesna Shiftmindful

We build a #wolfpack

By combining methods like Mindfulness, Scaling-up and Holacracy, we transformed the workplace of our client into a real habitat!

Why using Mindful-based approaches in the workplace?

You’ve probably heard about mindfulness or compassion in the workplace but you may be surprised to learn just how many businesses associate positive outcomes, to the mindfulness discipline being implemented at businesses all over the world.

Starter-Kit Mindfulness or Compassion Shiftmindful

Want to know more?

We created a starter kit where we you can find all the answers on your questions. What is Mindfulness or Compassion, how can it benefit your team, where to start… and much more!

Our showcases.

Let’s connect together

Kolping Serbia
We delivered for Timea Bodiš and her team of youth volunteers a program with elements of Mindfulness and tension release exercises (TRE).

A culture that sticks

Wolf & Wolf Novi Sad
We created together with Oliver Muskinja and his H.R. team a culture that fits the pack!

Mastermind for H.R.

Edition Serbia Vojvodina
We formed together with five amazing H.R. managers in Vojvodina a mastermind to discover together how to use mindfulness and compassion in the workplace.

Impact your employees while impacting others. All proceeds fund our work with vulnerable groups.


What do you need to feel better… and why?

We’re losing the connection with our true desires and the reason why we are doing what we are doing. If we don’t become aware of our personal needs in the first place, every job will become sooner or later a burden on our shoulders.

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The four days resilience challenge!

In this exercise each day you will get a different component of Resilience to reflect upon, answer certain questions and include thoughts of some other people as well. So try to be honest with yourself while answering these questions. Try…

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A Magic Coffee Bean or Strong Values?

There are companies, both big and small, that we visit every day, but we might not stop and consider why we like them or keep going back to them instead of trying their direct competitors. Like Starbucks, I know for…

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